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About Fernando Dutra

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About Fernando Dutra

On one of the fireplace mantles in the White House the following words were written by President John Adams: “May the men who serve here bring honesty and wisdom”. Notice that honesty is first.

To be a good councilman, serving the best interests of the community requires integrity, good judgment and a substantial amount of common sense. I already bring these qualities to the job as a standing Whittier City councilman.

Going forward I pledge to exercise my very best judgment in all my decisions, and to do so without favor or prejudice. I want always to be able to look my neighbors in the eye, singly or collectively, and say honestly and with conviction, “This is my best judgment on the matter."

I believe strongly in "Home Rule," the philosophy that the local unit of government closest to the people is (and should be) the most responsive.  I believe the city should, to the extent that its financial resources allow, give the highest priority to public safety, education and the improvement and maintenance of public facilities - including streets, sidewalks, sewers, parks, landscaping and, of course, filling potholes.

I believe in protecting and enhancing the environment, providing human development opportunities and providing opportunities for businesses to prosper while creating quality jobs that generate revenues and much-needed services to Whittier residents. I believe in equitable treatment for our local businesses while ensuring protections for our citizens from possible negative impacts.

I have kept and administered these ideals in my community affairs while serving the city as a councilman, planning commissioner and design review board member. I believe I can be trusted to continue this work when again elected to the Whittier City Council.

My Goals and Values:

Inclusive: I will listen to the concerns of our residents and incorporate their best ideas. I am looking forward to starting a "listening tour" among all Whittier community groups.

Ethical: At a time when many in the public view elected officials suspiciously, I believe in leading by example.  Although I am a professional in business development, I pledge not to do business in Whittier and effectively avoid even the appearance of conflicts of interest. However, my proven skills and contacts in the real estate development community will be quite helpful with the critically important Fred C. Nelles project.

Personal Responsibility & Giving Back:  I believe it is vital for every citizen to get involved in the betterment of this community. That is why I served on the city of Whittier Planning Commission, Design Review Board, YMCA Board of Directors, as Metro Light Rail East Side Extension chairman, Southeast Water Coalition board member and as a St. Gregory parish carnival committee volunteer.

Fiscally conservative:  Whittier is flourishing at a time when other cities are declaring bankruptcy. This is due to the excellent job performed by this and previous city councils. My goal would be to have our city live within its means. Our city needs to treat its budget as if it were the people’s money.

Hillside & Historic Preservation: Although I am employed in the development sector, I value keeping our hills free of real estate development for future generations.  I run through the hills and use the Greenway Trail several times a week. My work in preserving and protecting historically significant buildings is key and shows my commitment to the importance of preserving our past.

A patriotic American by choice:  The Dutra family emigrated here many years ago in search of the American dream.  I learned English at the age of 11 and I watched my mother, a teacher, and my father, a welder, work hard to get our family to this land of opportunity. We lived in Europe, several African countries, the Boston area and now California in my parents’ quest for a better life. With a great deal of pride my folks now see their son serving this great city of Whittier.

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